Outdoor Kitchens for Outdoor Living

Outdoor Kitchens for Outdoor Living

Outdoor Kitchens for Outdoor Living

Whether you’re hosting poolside at the peak of summer or sipping mulled cider as the leaves change the color of fire, spending time with friends outdoors is one activity we can carry forward from this past difficult year.

Here’s Why Outdoor Kitchens are Worth Investing In 

Rather than filling your house with soggy pets and kids, you can relax knowing their drips will stay outside, where the food, drinks, and laughter are, and you get to spend more time in nature taking advantage of this regions scenic beauty.

This outdoor kitchen expands their families experience to revolve around boating, swimming, and sharing meals steps from the Piscataqua river.

Start With the Right Material

To meet the homeowners elegant aesthetic and endure New England's bitter winter months, Mari Woods suggested Premier Custom Built Cabinetry.

According to their website, their outdoor line is an engineered anomaly. “A waterproof thermoplastic cabinet case is married to a stainless steel face frame. The face frame includes a continuous gasket which creates a watertight seal to the back of the door. The result is a product that is waterproof, weather-resistant, insect and varmint proof, easy to clean and resistant to physical abuse.”

Fun Fact 

Premier sprays their outdoor cabinets with a fire hose to ensure they stand up to harsh weather. 

Confident of the cabinet construction the next step was to select a finish to compliment the open & airy pool house. An aged teak & stainless door style fit beautifully and integrated with refrigeration & grills—keeping beers cold and burgers sizzling. 


Quartz vs Marble

The homeowners selected marble for the surrounding surfaces to compliment the marble pavers, but they fell for a Blue Agate quartz for the bar countertop and wanted it backlit. At night it looks like a constellation of jellyfish hovering near the glow of the pool—it is quite majestic.  

There is no one size fits all with design. The natural beauty of a marble, that has a propensity to stain & etch, may outweigh the need for durable quartz requiring less maintenance. It is with each conversation that we get closer to your vision; one step in front of the other until we are there. 

Whether you’re looking for a rustic feel or something sleek & formidable, reach out and share your goals with us. We are eager to share with you!