Equestrian Lounge


Equestrian Lounge

What originally began as a hobby quickly became a thriving business for this horse-loving stable owner in Rye, NH. She tirelessly embraced a labor of love upon purchasing the property, making substantial improvements to her barns, and investing countless hours of sweat equity; motivated not only by her desire to build a business but also by her love of riding together with her family and friends. She wished to create a space that they could all enjoy after a long day in the arena and pasture - relaxing, eating, drinking, and sharing stories of their experiences. The viewing room inside the barn offered the perfect opportunity, and no ordinary sitting room would do. Instead, the “Equestrian Lounge” was born!

Inspired by the elegance and richness of European hotel lounges, the Equestrian Lounge includes dark stained cherry cabinets, multiple backlit glass shelves for liquor bottles surrounding a large screen television, and a well-apportioned bar with a sink, dishwasher, ice maker, refrigerator, and freezer drawers, a built-in oven, and a built-in coffee machine - perfect for those early morning feedings! Cleverly nestled between the customized windows overlooking the riding arena, a small electric fireplace offers both atmosphere and heat on cold autumn days or after an early morning ride. The backlit quartz below the bar top, a material selected in lieu of onyx but with the same translucent properties, adds to the ambiance offered by the fire and further enhances the elegance of the design.

A dominant element and tantamount to the success of the project is the high gloss walnut bar top with a Chicago bar rail that even those from the Windy City would praise. With high-performance vinyl wood-look plank flooring, the space is both practical and elegant, offering a comfortable environment for relaxing, mingling, and entertaining. Nothing could be better when getting out of a leather saddle than sinking into a buttery leather recliner and sipping on a perfectly aged Kentucky bourbon!

Photos by Kevin Edge